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Why advertise with PCG?


We see ourselves as the marketing department for small and medium enterprises in South Africa. It is our passion to see how small businesses grow and get noticed by their local customers. We aim to create traffic to your listing – that will contain all your business’s details via extensive marketing campaigns of our platform. We also create target specific marketing campaigns around our client listings to ensure you not only get feet from our platform campaigns, but also from campaigns around your business too. 


We use only the newest and best software technologies to stay abreast of changes in internet algorithms and to help rank your business within the first few listings on large search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing). Keeping your business on the first page of listings. 


Our extensive marketing campaigns covers:


1.      Maroela Media ( with 1.4 million plus unique visitors per month, over 17 0000 page searches and 6.2 million website visits. (We have promotional articles, as well as various banner adverts – 50 000 running online). 

2.      Pretoria FM (with over 400 000 unique listeners per month, over radio, online broadcasts, DSTV channel, they also have an social media following on Twitter & FaceBook)

3.      Radio Kansel/Radio Pulprit (with 500 000 unique listeners per month, over radio, online broadcasts, DSTV channel, and their social media following and magazine)

4.      DSTV (our DSTV viewers come has an average 9/10 Lifestyle Standard Measurement (LSM) which speaks of a market with high buying power). Channels include Kyknet & Kie, Via, Supersport 1, Supersport 2, Supersport 3, Supersport 4, Supersport 5, Supersport 6, Supersport Blits, Mzanzi Whethu, Mnet City. 

5.      YouTube (17 million South Africans watch YouTube daily, statistics shows that 17% will visit our platform, and 10% will buy from our platform). 

6.      FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram campaigns – we reach 100 000’s of users each week, creating awareness for our platform, and driving traffic to our platform. 


What are the benefit for me advertising on PCG?


1.      Business ranks on large search engines – Google, Bing,, Yahoo

2.      Business gets exposure to local customers in my area

3.      Business gets exposure on a national level 

4.      My business logo gets additional exposure on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus and DSTV campaigns (focused on my industry & location to drive specific traffic to my listing)

5.      My clients can rate and review my business online – which will also increase my visibility on the People Connect Group platform

6.      People Connect Group uses the services of two expert marketing and advertising agencies with a combined 50 years experience to give my business only the best marketing and advertising exposure. 

7.      My People Connect Group user dashboard provide me with statistics on how campaigns are doing on my side, inclusive of leads, and traffic to my online presence. 

8.      Business listing is linked with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps (for distance calculators for local customers, and detailed directions to your place of service) etc. 

9.      Share your business listing easily with your following on FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, and from your phone via WhatsApp too. 

10.  Access to free images should my business listing need a more visual presence. 

11.  Help in creating a logo at no extra cost if needed. 

12.  Help in creating a FaceBook page at no extra cost if needed. 

13.  Unlimited additional adverts on classifieds for my business (no added cost).

14.  I can add all events happening in/around my business at no added cost. 

15.  Any press, or blogs around my expertise and/or business, can be added at no extra cost. 


What do I pay for these amazing benefits? A first to market in South Africa – putting small business first. 


1.      R347 per month (excluding VAT) OR

2.      R3000 per year (excluding VAT) 


Our opening promotions offers our clients 14 months of advertising on the People Connect Group for R3000 excl VAT – working out to a mere R215 (excl VAT) for these amazing benefits. 

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