WyzePal B0559 Nwajaheni Village, Nwamitwa, Tzaneen, South Africa
Location : Limpopo
Phone : 0812624014
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WyzePal provides a collaborative learning, research and problem solving platform. It uses the immediacy of instant chatting, machine learning and email threading model to increase and/or enhance communication, follow-up and hence productivity. Our platform https://wyzepal.com

* Beautiful messaging

* Math and Science
WyzePal also supports discussing math, and science problems through LaTex. With more features, which include drawing graphs and geometric objects under development.

* Customize WyzePal’s markup to automatically link back to your issue tracker or GitHub when you type “#1235” or a commit ID.

* Community Work
WyzePal also contribute towards shapping and digital tutoring of High School Learners

* File Uploads
Drag a file into the compose box and we’ll upload and preview it for you. Learning and examining issues with colleagues and the world has never been less demanding.

*Why WyzePal
Leaders can prioritize their time and batch-reply to messages, and thus effectively participate in the chat community.
More discussions can be moved from meetings and email to chat.

Individual contributors can do focused work instead of paging through GIFs making sure they don’t miss anything important.

Remote workers can participate in an equal way to people present in person.

Employees don’t need to be glued to their keyboard or phone in order to avoid missing out on important conversations.

Everyone saves a huge amount of wasted time and attention.

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